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It wasn't the casualty rate that made the Somme so bad

It wasn't the casualty rate that made the Somme so bad

Obviously, the Battle of the Somme was bloody awful. Arguably, it was an appalling waste. But, in th[...]
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Day one of Conpulsion!

A long long day. Took Kurtzhau and friend there via bus, the lads being old enough to help haul swor[...]
My Young Adult Books

My Young Adult Books

I write my books for adults, but some of them are also suitable for Young Adults... Shieldwall: Bar[...]

Storyteller Tools

Ken MacLeod: "...very useful in getting from ideas etc to plot and story."

Hannu Rajaniemi: "...find myself to coming back to [this] book in the early stages. Just convinced an aspiring writer friend to buy it."

I wrote and sold three novels in 2013, in each case starting from scratch. This handbook shares the creative outlining techniques that will enable you to speed from vision to completed novel, again and again.

  • No more unfinished writing projects!
  • Turn sweeping visions into viable stories, fast!
  • Grow a novel out of anything no matter how vague: an opening; some characters; a story world; a philosophical idea; a theme; a map; a gaming setting...
  • Conjure up conflicts and story questions to drive your plot.
  • Write usable outlines "in flow".
  • Learn to use your storyteller instinct!
  • Lose yourself in creating stories for other people to lose themselves in.

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Swords Versus Tanks

Knights and tanks battle on a level killing field!

Fleeing alien attack, time-travelling communists invade their own medieval past, not realising that magic works...

Sir Ranulph Dacre was supposed to die in a famous last stand. Instead, he takes up his rune-etched sword and faces off against the invaders from the future.

Meanwhile, veteran tank commander Colonel Jasmine Klimt is about to find out how well she measures up against her childhood hero.

Who will survive when the armoured warriors clash across the centuries?

Read Swords Versus Tanks Episode 1 and find out!

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