Month: February 2013

First Draft and the Pitfalls of Research

Last night I fought with swords, drank beer, found anti-freeze for my doctor friend who had to drive back to Fife around midnight, and before all that, completed the first draft of Project A! It’s only the first draft, alas.

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Dungeons and Dragons and the Princess of Pinkness

“Noooooo!” Kurtzhau – aged 9 – is flabbergasted. Five minutes earlier, we’re setting up to play my home grown Old School Lite roleplaying game. Kurtzhau’s friend Brunhilda is over, and we have a tradition of doing one-page dungeons, in this case The

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What is Steampunk for?

So, in a Steampunk London, a romantic young actor collides with a robotic actress who is her roles… I won’t spoil it for you, it was pretty good. Thing is, that Steam Punk short story  could have been written by Asimov,

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Oh, by the way, I am writing a Foreworld story…

Here’s the link.

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Fantasy Soup – I like mine as long as it has swords and sorcerors floating in it

While my HEMA friends are debating whether there should be woman only tournaments, the Fantasy world is doing a little naval gazing… or should I say contemplating Karg the Nebulous’s Pit of Infinite Reflection? “OMG! Failed Fantasy?” What’s kicked it

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