Month: April 2013

Kurtzhau and the Berserkers

There’s still an amazing Viking exhibition on at the museum, and parents talk about how much Vikings can teach children about life and death and craft and survival. Three years ago, I learned that children can also teach parents about

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Magnetic armor

A few years ago, I’m in London for Guy Windsor‘s wedding, and he’s booked a handling session at the Wallace Collection,  a place I used to drool over when I was a kid and marooned in Edinburgh with only the

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In “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, the Ark of the Covenant is the Antagonist

No really, think about it! In Raiders of the Lost Ark, the Ark is on a seek and destroy mission. The Nazis are too incompetent to find it, so the Ark drafts in Indy to locate it then hand off to them.

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The Drugs Conversation

“We had the Drugs Conversation,” I say. “What? Already?” says Beatnik Dad. Our boys are nine, after all. “Yes,” I say. “Kurtzhau’s been reading the Cherub series and they go after drugs dealers.” We stop to wave at Artist Mum walking a

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