Month: May 2013

Talking to Older People #1: Rock and roll!

“Oh aye,” says the seemingly respectable lady pensioner. “I was at Woodstock. In fact, I was on one of the films four times… naked.” Her boyfriend at the time was the stoned guy staring up at the helicopter. And her grey-bearded

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Review: Dwight V Swain “Techniques of the Selling Author”

Can creative writing be taught? Our crit circle once had in a graduate from the local Creative Writing MA who presented us with a “Fragment” and sat back to bask in praise. We pointed out that, though the vision was…

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Mass Effect

“Dad – my game keeps crashing.” And there goes an hour I won’t get back. Turns out there’s something wrong with Mass Effect 2.  Was it the antivirus software? No. Settings for the graphics? No. In the end I set

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Review of Harold Lamb “Swords from the West”

Harold Lamb’s “Swords from the West” is a collection of Historical Pulp Adventure so intense that it has its own phantom Heavy Metal soundtrack pounding and howling on the borders of auditory perception. When he discovered this stash of lost Harold Lamb adventures

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How to speak to Geeks #1

Sometimes newcomers – I was one of these – at our Medieval Martial Arts club want to riff off the incongruity of it all: “OMG! I’m surrounded by crazy people with swords! LOL!“ Oddly it’s a line of humor we’ve heard

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What modern film and fiction will age badly

I’m reading a 1970s Space Opera series (thanks to Kindle, I can read it end-to-end without trawling dusty second hand bookshops for battered copies that reek of other people’s lives). It reminds me of playing Traveller and watching Babylon 5

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Bullshit Writer Tricks That Don’t Work #1: “At the end of each session, always leave a sentence half finished”

A top tip you see on the forums is: At the end of each session, always leave a sentence half finished. That way it will be easy to just start writing next time. Wonderful advice for some, I am sure.

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