Month: June 2013

Project A Revealed!: A War of the Roses tie-in novel

Project A is in fact a tie-in novel for the wonderful War of the Roses game! (EDIT) You can now get The Sword is Mightier: Scholar Knight (Book I) from Amazon! “War of the Roses – The Sword is Mightier” 

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A stranger gets my dreams

I’m in a canal city – not on Leigh Bracket’s Mars, where such places offer “vices for which Earthmen have no name”, but a cleaned up modern city center, perhaps Amsterdam. And I have coffee with old friends and just,

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Teaching children not to swear the geeky way

The other night, I’m reading Ranger’s Apprentice to Kurtzhau and decide to prop myself up against the radiator. There’s one of those wire towel rails, I slide it out of the way, it detaches, I struggle and— –I stab myself in

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Howard and Tolkien’s “Strider the Ranger Series”

One of the stranger quirks of literary history is the collaboration between the big morose Texan pulpster and the genteel Oxford don. To blame is a mechanical fault that saved Howard’s life when he tried to commit suicide, propelling him

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