Month: August 2013

Sharpe’s Plot Structure

I’m working on a military-type story right now, so I ended up revisiting my old LJ notes on the subject. This is a tidied up version: There’s no point in reinventing the wheel (unless you end up with armored tracks).

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Morgenstern and the War on Pink

We’re on the way to school, hand in hand in the rain. “The Ninjas drop from the zeppelin,” I say. “The Purple Princess draws her sword—” “The Sword of Fate,” adds Morgenstern, my five-year-old daughter. “The Sword of Fate. And

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Project C Day 2 & 3 – Process vs Writing Life!

Did I mention our cellar flooded? A tonne of water sloshing around a century of dust – a Lovecraftian blend of ancient skin cells, dead mice and coal ash. I’ve got two blowers forcing air into the space beneath the

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Project C Day 1: Outlining and the Need for Speed

Rachel Aaron writes 10K words a day. SL Veihl – who I have come to think of as Scary Word Count Lady – once told me: By good words, I’m assuming you mean words I’m not going to delete or

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