Month: September 2013

The Tomb of Richard III

“For in the thick of the fight, and not in the act of flight, King Richard fell in the field, struck by many mortal wounds, as a bold and most valiant prince”. – Croyland Chronicle Continuator, 1486 “King Richard at

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Adventure books for girls

Just so I don’t lose this, there’s an amazing pinterest site listing MG & YA SF&F adventure books with active female protagonists.

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Project C Day 4 and 5

Two weeks ago, the final part of Project B landed on me like a Jabba the Hutt’s tail, and I found myself thrashing around to avoid the pit of doom while making edits.  The end result was a hell of

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Eccentric Writer Hat

“Excuse me – what’s that music?” I’m in Bruntsfield’s mind-blowing Swedish zombie survival outdoor shop. It’s got axes of all kinds, fire making kit, outdoor gear designed to withstand the great Swedish outdoors. I’m just there to replace my lost

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Barriers to writing

I’m caught in a kind of revision seclusion right now – hello real world! – and it’s my own fault. I got drawn into the minutiae and wandered from my top-down approach to what Paul S Kemp calls “Fictioneering”.  (“RAH!”

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