Month: March 2014

The Birthday Card

“Give me my pens please Daddy,” says my daughter. “You’re Not Allowed to look IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY CARD AND it’s a SURPRISE!.” We’re at music school in the cafe, and Morgenstern – age 6 – is making me a birthday

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Truth (fiction is for Monday)

This weekend I took the kids to music school and, using only a Lego samurai sword, picked the lock of a friend’s briefcase. I drove Kurtzhau over to see his friend, hung out with experimental archaeologists, admired a home-made romanesque

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Artistic Integrity

It’s some time in the Northern Dark Ages. A poet recites his new work to the King and his warriors: POET: …and Grendel runs off into the night, bleeding, dying. Beowulf takes the trolls dismembered arm and nails it high

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