Month: April 2015

Quit beating on EL James (and leave JK Rowling alone as well)

I’m starting to get uncomfortable with the way people, especially wannabe authors, beat on E.L. James. Most of us write in a genre that somebody else holds in contempt. How is it that “Mommy Porn” about erotic power and kinky sex

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Edmond Hamilton, one of Space Opera’s fathers and almost certainly an influence on Douglas Adams

I must admit I started on Hamilton because he was married to Leigh Brackett, one of my all time heroes. My first thought on reading him was, “Oh good, he wasn’t bad at all. That must have been nice for her.”

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The Sky Tomb of the Earth Kings – a story in Heroika Dragon Eaters

“Zombie dragons, vampire dwarves, elves, animated skeletons, a flying city,  a steampunk zeppelin, a bounty hunter…” Kurtzhau (now aged 11) had asked me what I put into my story for Janet Morris’s Dragon Eaters anthology, and now he’s listening with

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