Month: June 2015

Waterloo in which each side fought for a different kind of liberty

So Waterloo was 200 years ago today: a battle so terrible that afterward you asked who had survived, not who had died. It was an odd battle. Those who fought against the imperialist side were less personally free than those

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Aliens and Snipers in the Belfry

(This is me thinking aloud, rather than offering cast-iron literary theory) I am a proponent of the Snipers in the Belfries Rule; if you want readers to notice your belfries, put snipers in them because nothing is real to the

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Anthem for a new generation…

Kurtzhau (11) and Morgenstern (7) are having a kind of singing battle in the hall as we get ready for music school. Morgenstern is lalala-ing the theme to her favorite RPG. Kurtzhau, meanwhile, is belting out… “Hang on,” I say, that’s

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We need a Jim Baen Memorial “Blowing Shit Up In Space” Award…

With regard to the current unpleasantness around awards, it sometimes seems that people are at crossed purposes. Are the Hugos for “great read”, “great literature” or “great innovation”, two of these, or all of these? Leaving aside that these definitions

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Kurtzhau on the 100 Days

“Wait a minute Dad – Did they send a FRENCH regiment to arrest Napoleon?” asks Kurtzhau. My 11-year-old and I are watching a documentary on Wellington. “Yes,” I say. “Facepalm,” says Kurtzhau, and puts his palm to his face.

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Morgenstern: Time Travelling Militant Librarian

“And we’ll make a time machine using an old clock…” My daughter, Morgenstern, 7, is chattering happily on the way to swimming, scooting along beside me. “And then once I Have A Time Machine, I’ll go back in time to

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