Month: September 2015

Swords Versus Tanks — what “10 years in the making” means

I wrote the first lines of Swords Versus Tanks in 2003, just before Kurtzhau was born. He’s now 11 going on 12. So it seems I’m either Tolkien — a genius slaving away over his magnum opus — or actually a complete loser. The

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Swords Versus Tanks Episode 1 has a cover!

At last! We have the cover finalised. Now to get the next one done.

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More cover art and how artists can avoid getting the armour wrong

So Cassie, who normally does pretty handcrafted things, turns out to have quite a feel for depicting mayhem and war machines! Come to the dark side… Joking aside, it’s a reminder that real artists, just like real writers, can cheerfully turn their

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