Month: January 2017

Morgenstern and the March of the Women

11 pm Sunday night, and I find Morgenstern (9) sitting up in bed, tangled blond hair making her look like a sleepy wood elf.  She grins at me. “I couldn’t sleep, so I used my Story Cubes.” Wonderful things those

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Just in case you were confused by artistic conventions, the covers of my SWORDS VERSUS TANKS series depict the Actual Story Content! They are NOT montages. Here’s the first book: Armoured heroes clash across the centuries! Sir Ranulph Dacre (left), armed with

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How to Fix Your Novel (If It’s Too Short, Slow-Paced, or Tells Not Shows)

So you’ve completed your novel. It’s a story with a beginning, middle and satisfying end. You’ve polished the prose until it shines. However, it’s too short, or too slow-paced, or it tells rather than shows. Argh. Actually, don’t worry. This is

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