Anthem for a new generation…

Kurtzhau (11) and Morgenstern (7) are having a kind of singing battle in the hall as we get ready for music school. Morgenstern is lalala-ing the theme to her favorite RPG. Kurtzhau, meanwhile, is belting out…

“Hang on,” I say, that’s Vode An. You’re singing the Mandalorian anthem!”

“Yes,” he says. (Quirky smile) “It’s better if you can thump each other’s armour.”

Kurtzhau is reading Karen Traviss’s Republic Commando series that ties in with the exquisite video game of the same name.

The other day, his teacher, who always reminds me of a Dr Who assistant, caught him with it.

“Oh,” she says, “I like Star Wars. I’ll read that this Summer.”

When Kurtzhau reported this to me, I thought, And Kurtzhau will be safely in high school when she does.

They are not exactly Young Adult reads. Traviss pulls no punches with the logic of a clone army and the characters go around doing Black Ops, assassinating people, discovering… erm romance and generally doing their best to make good with their woefully short lives.

They’re good books, though not really Star Wars, which is presumably why she didn’t get to finish the series. I suspect her main sin was to create too much lore for the Mandalorians, who she turns into a kind of multi-ethnic Space Landschneckt Brotherhood (rather than the Planet of the Barbuts). It works so well in the books, because one theme is the Clones exploring their  roots and embracing “Mando” culture…

…which is why my 11-year-old is singing Vode An on the way to music school.

“Wait,” I say. “Do you know the British National Anthem?”

Blank look.

“What about the Scottish one?”

Kurtzhau’s Viking-grey eyes twinkle. “This one is fine for me.”

“Oh well,” I say. “I guess all these music lessons have been worthwhile after all.”


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