At Loncon 3!

We’re shortly off to Loncon 3. A lot of my heroes will be there, but hopefully I can avoid any embarrassing fanboy moments like at World Fantasy Con last year:

Charlie: Martin. Look behind you…. Hello Joe.

Me: What..? (leaps to feet) HOLY SHIT! Joe Haldeman!!!

Mostly I’m hoping to get the lie of the land, enjoy a rare chance to share geek space with my wife and muse, and meet a few friends from my livejournal days, including Joshua Palmatier who once wrote an amazing Fantasy novel I’d describe as Honor Harrington does Sim City.

We’ll also be attending a friend’s 50th birthday party while there — a bit scary how time flies.

Watch this space.


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One comment on “At Loncon 3!
  1. Geoff Hart says:

    Have a ton of fun! I love conventions. Had a blast at Readercon last month, and looking forward to World Fantasy in November.

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