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Two senior authors like Storyteller Tools!

Just in case you were wondering what established authors think about my Storyteller Tools: Outline from vision to finished novel without losing the magic (download)… Ken MacLeod recently tweeted: @mharoldpage Found your book very useful in getting from ideas etc

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Swords Versus Tanks 3 published!

Phew! I just hit publish on Swords Versus Tanks 3 – PYRAMID OF BLOOD! It should be appearing shortly, but in the mean time here’s a link to my author page.  It was perhaps the hardest to edit because I

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Warhammer 40K as a tool for literary criticism

“The English teacher said she liked your analysis of The Pearl,” I say. We just back from our first parent-teacher thing at Kurtzhau’s high school. They’ve been reading John ‘Tell-me-About-The-Rabbits-BLAM’ Steinbeck. “Yes,” says Kurtzhau, eyes twinkling. “It’s because I used

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PUBLISHED Swords Versus Tanks Ep.2: Vikings battle Zeppelins while forbidden desires spark!

Episode 2 drops back to give us a lyrical exploration of the world of Westerland  continues the fast-paced genre pit fight! It sets Vikings against Zeppelins, but also seats Jasmine, Ranulph and Lady Maud around the same table at a feast

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Authentic combat in Swords Versus Tanks!

One of the 5-star reviews of Swords Versus Tanks 1 enthuses, not about the genre mashup that strikes a chord with other reviewers, but about the authentic Historical European Martial Arts: Our hero still has to worry about concussion or stabs through

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Kurtzhau and the Fallen Viking

An LJ entry from 2007, back when Kurtzhau was nearly 4. Reposted because a fellow atheist dad was asking about how to discuss death with children. “Daddy?” says Kurtzhau, sitting up in bed. “Perhaps he lay down by behind the

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Some responses to a reddit thread on Swords Versus Tanks

This is a response to this thread.  It turned out to be rather long, so I thought I would crosspost it here! If you are commenting in the next day or so, please do so on at Reddit if possible.  

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A glimpse of Maud from the cover of Book 2

With Swords Versus Tanks: Armoured heroes clash across the centuries! roaring up the Steampunk charts, episode 2 is on its way — it just needs a few edits and a cover.  One of the nice things about being an Indy is that you

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Swords Versus Tanks — what “10 years in the making” means

I wrote the first lines of Swords Versus Tanks in 2003, just before Kurtzhau was born. He’s now 11 going on 12. So it seems I’m either Tolkien — a genius slaving away over his magnum opus — or actually a complete loser. The

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Swords Versus Tanks Episode 1 has a cover!

At last! We have the cover finalised. Now to get the next one done.

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