Barbarian in the City

While I’m waiting for the next contract — and in between catching up on admin — I’ve started writing Barbarian in the City, the example novel I outlined in Storyteller Tales.

Here’s what the outline looks like in Scrivener:

BITC Scriv1

If you’ve read Storyteller Tools, you’ll probably notice that the yarn started drifting the moment I began work on it. For a start, the Jaded Leader of the New Dock gang has a new name, Jaserant. I’ve also added a girl thief, Dindrayn, to use as a POV character at the beginning, and to add complexity

To support all this I’ve added a cast list:


Madok – Leader.

DINDRAYN – Girl Thief. Blonde. RM calls her “little sister” and treats her as a Sword Triber.

Catigern Longfinger – Ultimate pickpocket

Aglovale the Key – Ultimate burglar

Brangaine – female cook


All a bit older.

JAZERANT – Jaded leader

Gwyn the Knife – knife thrower.

Having fun! Watch this space.


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