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FAQ: Won’t using your tools drown out my “voice”?

Voice is one of the things aspiring writers angst over. However, the genre reader mostly doesn’t care about your voice as long as it’s competent and reflects the point-of-view character; they want to be immersed in the story and carried forward

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Beowulf Pitfight! Michael Morpurgo Versus Rosemary Sutcliff

Some of my teacher friends get cross with me when I use the term “Cattle Poo Chronicles” to refer to the books Kurtzhau regularly has to endure from school. My complaint is not that these books don’t pass his blood-and-thunder

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Go back Harry Connolly’s kickstarter

Harry’s books are awesome. His Twenty Palaces series is “hard-boiled Dresden Files does Stephen King’s America, in a disquieting Lovecraft-style universe of nauseating alien demons.” It’s worth reading just for the way he handles the magic. Everything he writes is

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Review: Dwight V Swain “Techniques of the Selling Author”

Can creative writing be taught? Our crit circle once had in a graduate from the local Creative Writing MA who presented us with a “Fragment” and sat back to bask in praise. We pointed out that, though the vision was…

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Review of Harold Lamb “Swords from the West”

Harold Lamb’s “Swords from the West” is a collection of Historical Pulp Adventure so intense that it has its own phantom Heavy Metal soundtrack pounding and howling on the borders of auditory perception. When he discovered this stash of lost Harold Lamb adventures

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