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Morgenstern and the March of the Women

11 pm Sunday night, and I find Morgenstern (9) sitting up in bed, tangled blond hair making her look like a sleepy wood elf.  She grins at me. “I couldn’t sleep, so I used my Story Cubes.” Wonderful things those

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Warhammer 40K as a tool for literary criticism

“The English teacher said she liked your analysis of The Pearl,” I say. We just back from our first parent-teacher thing at Kurtzhau’s high school. They’ve been reading John ‘Tell-me-About-The-Rabbits-BLAM’ Steinbeck. “Yes,” says Kurtzhau, eyes twinkling. “It’s because I used

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Kurtzhau and the Fallen Viking

An LJ entry from 2007, back when Kurtzhau was nearly 4. Reposted because a fellow atheist dad was asking about how to discuss death with children. “Daddy?” says Kurtzhau, sitting up in bed. “Perhaps he lay down by behind the

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Belisarius casts a long shadow

“So I asked the History teacher–” Yes, Kurtzhau, 11, has just started high school and looks very dapper in his school uniform, tie and fast-growing mane of long hair. He’s not cute anymore. “–if we were doing the fall of

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Anthem for a new generation…

Kurtzhau (11) and Morgenstern (7) are having a kind of singing battle in the hall as we get ready for music school. Morgenstern is lalala-ing the theme to her favorite RPG. Kurtzhau, meanwhile, is belting out… “Hang on,” I say, that’s

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Morgenstern: Time Travelling Militant Librarian

“And we’ll make a time machine using an old clock…” My daughter, Morgenstern, 7, is chattering happily on the way to swimming, scooting along beside me. “And then once I Have A Time Machine, I’ll go back in time to

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The Sky Tomb of the Earth Kings – a story in Heroika Dragon Eaters

“Zombie dragons, vampire dwarves, elves, animated skeletons, a flying city,  a steampunk zeppelin, a bounty hunter…” Kurtzhau (now aged 11) had asked me what I put into my story for Janet Morris’s Dragon Eaters anthology, and now he’s listening with

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Kurtzhau – 11 – taps on the bedroom door and marches in. “The Xbox 360 doesn’t have an independent volume control.” I look up from my kindle. “OK. Thanks.” Earlier I’d tasked him to sort out the way the volume

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Kurtzhau and Rosemary Sutcliff’s Beowulf

This summer we went to the British Museum for the Viking exhibition. After drooling over the real longship, the weapons, the rare shields, wallowing in pagan relics, and wowing over executed Viking skeletons (with authentic defensive wounds) we had coffee and split down gender

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Beowulf Pitfight! Michael Morpurgo Versus Rosemary Sutcliff

Some of my teacher friends get cross with me when I use the term “Cattle Poo Chronicles” to refer to the books Kurtzhau regularly has to endure from school. My complaint is not that these books don’t pass his blood-and-thunder

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