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Kurtzhau and Rosemary Sutcliff’s Beowulf

This summer we went to the British Museum for the Viking exhibition. After drooling over the real longship, the weapons, the rare shields, wallowing in pagan relics, and wowing over executed Viking skeletons (with authentic defensive wounds) we had coffee and split down gender

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Beowulf Pitfight! Michael Morpurgo Versus Rosemary Sutcliff

Some of my teacher friends get cross with me when I use the term “Cattle Poo Chronicles” to refer to the books Kurtzhau regularly has to endure from school. My complaint is not that these books don’t pass his blood-and-thunder

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10-year-old-gamer uses my Conflict Diagrams

DeeM is using our kitchen table to prep an adventure while Kurtzhau finishes off some homework. (He started GMing Maelstrom Doomsday after his excellent experience at Conpulsion, but has being the running red box D&D for nearly a year now.) As I

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The Birthday Card

“Give me my pens please Daddy,” says my daughter. “You’re Not Allowed to look IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY CARD AND it’s a SURPRISE!.” We’re at music school in the cafe, and Morgenstern – age 6 – is making me a birthday

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Decluttering the trash

I have a decluttering hangover. No, not rhyming slang – cleaning out our Cupboard of Lost Years allowed the Dust of Decades to burrow into my brain and set off an almighty headache. Also there’s a spiritual aftershock from spending

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Morgenstern the Valkyrie

“Rah rah Rasputin!” cries Morgenstern, age 6, a dream of pink in her bunny pajamas. “Viking Metal!” So on goes the Turisas cover of the Boney M classic. Morgenstern boogies and ballet steps around me in the kind of odd

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Geek Parenting Fail!

On the way to the kids’ carol concert, Kurtzhau (10) has been belatedly practicing Walking In the Air, me teasing by pretending it’s the Nightwish version and doing air guitar. Morgenstern (5) already knows her words. As we approach the

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Adventure books for girls

Just so I don’t lose this, there’s an amazing pinterest site listing MG & YA SF&F adventure books with active female protagonists.

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Eccentric Writer Hat

“Excuse me – what’s that music?” I’m in Bruntsfield’s mind-blowing Swedish zombie survival outdoor shop. It’s got axes of all kinds, fire making kit, outdoor gear designed to withstand the great Swedish outdoors. I’m just there to replace my lost

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Morgenstern and the War on Pink

We’re on the way to school, hand in hand in the rain. “The Ninjas drop from the zeppelin,” I say. “The Purple Princess draws her sword—” “The Sword of Fate,” adds Morgenstern, my five-year-old daughter. “The Sword of Fate. And

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