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Bones of the Old Ones

“See, frost, snow covered landscape… this is a good Christmas read!” I say, not entirely seriously. I’m reading Kurtzhau – age 10 – the almost appropriate adult Fantasy novel, The Bones of the Old Ones by Howard Andrew Jones. Kurtzhau is playfully

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Sharpe’s Plot Structure

I’m working on a military-type story right now, so I ended up revisiting my old LJ notes on the subject. This is a tidied up version: There’s no point in reinventing the wheel (unless you end up with armored tracks).

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Howard and Tolkien’s “Strider the Ranger Series”

One of the stranger quirks of literary history is the collaboration between the big morose Texan pulpster and the genteel Oxford don. To blame is a mechanical fault that saved Howard’s life when he tried to commit suicide, propelling him

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Review of Harold Lamb “Swords from the West”

Harold Lamb’s “Swords from the West” is a collection of Historical Pulp Adventure so intense that it has its own phantom Heavy Metal soundtrack pounding and howling on the borders of auditory perception. When he discovered this stash of lost Harold Lamb adventures

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What modern film and fiction will age badly

I’m reading a 1970s Space Opera series (thanks to Kindle, I can read it end-to-end without trawling dusty second hand bookshops for battered copies that reek of other people’s lives). It reminds me of playing Traveller and watching Babylon 5

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What is Steampunk for?

So, in a Steampunk London, a romantic young actor collides with a robotic actress who is her roles… I won’t spoil it for you, it was pretty good. Thing is, that Steam Punk short story  could have been written by Asimov,

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Fantasy Soup – I like mine as long as it has swords and sorcerors floating in it

While my HEMA friends are debating whether there should be woman only tournaments, the Fantasy world is doing a little naval gazing… or should I say contemplating Karg the Nebulous’s Pit of Infinite Reflection? “OMG! Failed Fantasy?” What’s kicked it

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