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Authentic combat in Swords Versus Tanks!

One of the 5-star reviews of Swords Versus Tanks 1 enthuses, not about the genre mashup that strikes a chord with other reviewers, but about the authentic Historical European Martial Arts: Our hero still has to worry about concussion or stabs through

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Tonight it flowed!

Just Dave the Unspellable and myself for Study Group tonight. In the last month, thanks to the Big German, we tweaked three of our Meisterhaus — the Master Strikes — so that they actually work without opening you up to

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Ran into Adrian Tchaikovsky at Conpulsion

I spent past weekend at the Conpulsion 2014 gaming convention, where I ran into Adrian Tchaikovsky, the terrifyingly prolific Epic Fantasy writer now on the David Gemmell Legend award shortlist. Since we’re both exponents of German Longsword, he came down to watch

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