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It wasn’t the casualty rate that made the Somme so bad

Obviously, the Battle of the Somme was bloody awful. Arguably, it was an appalling waste. But, in the grand scheme of things, how bad was it really? It was certainly a horrific mega battle, running for 5 months, with British Empire casualties estimated

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Belisarius casts a long shadow

“So I asked the History teacher–“ Yes, Kurtzhau, 11, has just started high school and looks very dapper in his school uniform, tie and fast-growing mane of long hair. He’s not cute anymore. “–if we were doing the fall of

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Waterloo in which each side fought for a different kind of liberty

So Waterloo was 200 years ago today: a battle so terrible that afterward you asked who had survived, not who had died. It was an odd battle. Those who fought against the imperialist side were less personally free than those

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Kurtzhau and Rosemary Sutcliff’s Beowulf

This summer we went to the British Museum for the Viking exhibition. After drooling over the real longship, the weapons, the rare shields, wallowing in pagan relics, and wowing over executed Viking skeletons (with authentic defensive wounds) we had coffee and split down gender

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Second Scholar Knight book out, and with a fantastic cover!

Here it is! In the last book, Jack faced tournaments and small unit actions. How will he do in a set piece battle? And what is  the truth about the hot but mysterious Theodora? The cover is something special done

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Inspirational book…

I’m wallowing in the 15th century right now and on my desk is this wonderful book: Medieval Costume, Armour and Weapons (Dover Fashion and Costumes). Eduard Wagner was a heroic WWII Czech soldier, former member of the French Foreign Legion, early

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Review of Harold Lamb “Swords from the West”

Harold Lamb’s “Swords from the West” is a collection of Historical Pulp Adventure so intense that it has its own phantom Heavy Metal soundtrack pounding and howling on the borders of auditory perception. When he discovered this stash of lost Harold Lamb adventures

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Kurtzhau and the Berserkers

There’s still an amazing Viking exhibition on at the museum, and parents talk about how much Vikings can teach children about life and death and craft and survival. Three years ago, I learned that children can also teach parents about

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