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Morgenstern and the March of the Women

11 pm Sunday night, and I find Morgenstern (9) sitting up in bed, tangled blond hair making her look like a sleepy wood elf.  She grins at me. “I couldn’t sleep, so I used my Story Cubes.” Wonderful things those

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Feeling Grown Up – a Hypothesis

There’s this idea that few of us feel truly grown up, that inside the typical 60 year old is a 16 year old going, “What the hell is happening to me?” Charlie wrote a wise article about this (comments are also worth reading).

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The Tomb of Richard III

“For in the thick of the fight, and not in the act of flight, King Richard fell in the field, struck by many mortal wounds, as a bold and most valiant prince”. – Croyland Chronicle Continuator, 1486 “King Richard at

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Eccentric Writer Hat

“Excuse me – what’s that music?” I’m in Bruntsfield’s mind-blowing Swedish zombie survival outdoor shop. It’s got axes of all kinds, fire making kit, outdoor gear designed to withstand the great Swedish outdoors. I’m just there to replace my lost

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Talking to Older People #1: Rock and roll!

“Oh aye,” says the seemingly respectable lady pensioner. “I was at Woodstock. In fact, I was on one of the films four times… naked.” Her boyfriend at the time was the stoned guy staring up at the helicopter. And her grey-bearded

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How to speak to Geeks #1

Sometimes newcomers – I was one of these – at our Medieval Martial Arts club want to riff off the incongruity of it all: “OMG! I’m surrounded by crazy people with swords! LOL!” Oddly it’s a line of humor we’ve heard

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What modern film and fiction will age badly

I’m reading a 1970s Space Opera series (thanks to Kindle, I can read it end-to-end without trawling dusty second hand bookshops for battered copies that reek of other people’s lives). It reminds me of playing Traveller and watching Babylon 5

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