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  1. Nillu says:

    I finished the books a while ago, after watichng the movie and thinking it was a whole lot better than I was expecting.I couldnt put the books down, and read the lot in a week. And if it helps – I dont think the ending will disappoint – except that it means no more story :(Is it sad that I’m actually looking forward to teh next movie ?

  2. mharoldpage says:

    Nillu – I can’t tell whether you are opening an interesting discussion, or spamming! Tell me more…

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Howard and Tolkien’s “Strider the Ranger Series”

One of the stranger quirks of literary history is the collaboration between the big morose Texan pulpster and the genteel Oxford don. To blame is a mechanical fault that saved Howard’s life when he tried to commit suicide, propelling him

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