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Tip-offs: Draft small consignment trade system for Traveller…

I love the idea of trading between the stars, but mostly because of the drama it produces. Thus, for the kind of gaming I like, all the official versions of the Traveller trade system are too fiddly. True, it could be

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How to do a 3D Star Map that’s Not Overwhelming

(For my alternative to 3D mapping, scroll down.) I’ve been revisiting Traveller RPG. One thing that’s not changed over the years is that the star charts are flat. Here’s an example (right). As a kid I hated this. I’d have

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10-year-old-gamer uses my Conflict Diagrams

DeeM is using our kitchen table to prep an adventure while Kurtzhau finishes off some homework. (He started GMing Maelstrom Doomsday after his excellent experience at Conpulsion, but has being the running red box D&D for nearly a year now.) As I

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11th Century English Feudal England explained for a young gamer

  (Kurtzhau’s friend DeeM is planning to GM Maelstrom Doomesday, a game set in 11th century England. This is in answer to some of his questions.) Suppose your setting is a village or – more likely – group of little

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Ran into Adrian Tchaikovsky at Conpulsion

I spent past weekend at the Conpulsion 2014 gaming convention, where I ran into Adrian Tchaikovsky, the terrifyingly prolific Epic Fantasy writer now on the David Gemmell Legend award shortlist. Since we’re both exponents of German Longsword, he came down to watch

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Dungeons and Dragons and the Princess of Pinkness

“Noooooo!” Kurtzhau – aged 9 – is flabbergasted. Five minutes earlier, we’re setting up to play my home grown Old School Lite roleplaying game. Kurtzhau’s friend Brunhilda is over, and we have a tradition of doing one-page dungeons, in this case The

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