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It wasn’t the casualty rate that made the Somme so bad

Obviously, the Battle of the Somme was bloody awful. Arguably, it was an appalling waste. But, in the grand scheme of things, how bad was it really? It was certainly a horrific mega battle, running for 5 months, with British Empire casualties estimated

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PUBLISHED Swords Versus Tanks Ep.2: Vikings battle Zeppelins while forbidden desires spark!

Episode 2 drops back to give us a lyrical exploration of the world of Westerland  continues the fast-paced genre pit fight! It sets Vikings against Zeppelins, but also seats Jasmine, Ranulph and Lady Maud around the same table at a feast

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Authentic combat in Swords Versus Tanks!

One of the 5-star reviews of Swords Versus Tanks 1 enthuses, not about the genre mashup that strikes a chord with other reviewers, but about the authentic Historical European Martial Arts: Our hero still has to worry about concussion or stabs through

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More cover art and how artists can avoid getting the armour wrong

So Cassie, who normally does pretty handcrafted things, turns out to have quite a feel for depicting mayhem and war machines! Come to the dark side… Joking aside, it’s a reminder that real artists, just like real writers, can cheerfully turn their

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You can’t pwn Science Fiction because it doesn’t exist

This weekend’s… non-events… show that, though you use smart-arse hacks to pwn an award’s nomination process, you can’t also hack its voting community. Just suppose you could, and ensure only tales about square jawed white male imperialists win prizes, or that the Hugo Awards from now on

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Kurtzhau on the 100 Days

“Wait a minute Dad – Did they send a FRENCH regiment to arrest Napoleon?” asks Kurtzhau. My 11-year-old and I are watching a documentary on Wellington. “Yes,” I say. “Facepalm,” says Kurtzhau, and puts his palm to his face.

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Quit beating on EL James (and leave JK Rowling alone as well)

I’m starting to get uncomfortable with the way people, especially wannabe authors, beat on E.L. James. Most of us write in a genre that somebody else holds in contempt. How is it that “Mommy Porn” about erotic power and kinky sex

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How to simplify a conflict diagram to make it more powerful

The thing about Conflict Diagrams is that you can do them in more than one way. Here’s a first stab at an “odd couple” romance: Lots of Bones of Contention — the jagged boxes. However, it’s hard to see the potential

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Medieval HEMA Tournaments and Competitive Freeplay and the Nah Mate Fallacy

A nice parlour–by which I mean pub–game is Spot the Fallacy. For example, if  say “A real HEMA person wouldn’t have done that!” then I’m guilty of the No True Scotsman Fallacy. I’m starting to think we need a new

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LJ cross posting broken – now doing it via twitter

Ugh. Can’t seem to get the LJ cross posting done. However, my blog entries now automatically feed into twitter, which LJ grabs. Best I can do right now 🙁

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