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First. Don’t worry! This is just a placeholder image I knocked up while my artist mate works on the real covers which should be a bit more Frazetta. Now, let me tell you about Swords versus Tanks. Ahem. I mean

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The opening rarely survives contact with the completed draft but here it is

As the dirigible hurtled up the darkened pass, something glittering rose above the black lip of the mountains. Stomach fluttering, Jascinda leaned forward against the gondola’s rail. The word dragon filled her mind. Beside her, Captain Ulreo laughed. “Just moon

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WIP: Assault on the Sky Tomb of the Earth Kin

What with Kurtzhau underfoot with Miskatonic Adonisitis or something like that, I’ve had to pause my novels and focus on something shorter, in this case a short story I’ve had on my to-do list for  a while. As always I

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It lives…

And of course as soon as I start outlining and drafting scenes, the characters and the city come to life and I am again buzzed by my own story.  I guess all those weeks of angst and self doubt were wasted…

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And so it — drafting — begins

I have the opening to Barbarian in the City outlined: The cast list has also grown: OLD DOCK GANG Madok – Leader. DINDRAYN – Girl Thief. Blonde. RM calls her “little sister” and treats her as a Sword Triber. Catigern

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Barbarian in the City

While I’m waiting for the next contract — and in between catching up on admin — I’ve started writing Barbarian in the City, the example novel I outlined in Storyteller Tales. Here’s what the outline looks like in Scrivener: If

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Reading the Runes of Outline

Google Streetview takes me through a sleepy Irish village that has no idea what is about to sweep over it in my imagination… or perhaps they do. I wager that the locals love their History and know that Irish kings

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Second Scholar Knight book out, and with a fantastic cover!

Here it is! In the last book, Jack faced tournaments and small unit actions. How will he do in a set piece battle? And what is  the truth about the hot but mysterious Theodora? The cover is something special done

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Project C Day 4 and 5

Two weeks ago, the final part of Project B landed on me like a Jabba the Hutt’s tail, and I found myself thrashing around to avoid the pit of doom while making edits.  The end result was a hell of

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Project C Day 2 & 3 – Process vs Writing Life!

Did I mention our cellar flooded? A tonne of water sloshing around a century of dust – a Lovecraftian blend of ancient skin cells, dead mice and coal ash. I’ve got two blowers forcing air into the space beneath the

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