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How to Fix Your Novel (If It’s Too Short, Slow-Paced, or Tells Not Shows)

So you’ve completed your novel. It’s a story with a beginning, middle and satisfying end. You’ve polished the prose until it shines. However, it’s too short, or too slow-paced, or it tells rather than shows. Argh. Actually, don’t worry. This is

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Creatives! Grieve. Give support. Then get back to work. This shoe will be a long time falling.

We’re waiting for the other shoe to drop. For those of us who remotely identify with the left, tracking its trajectory is agony. Some of us need to take time out to process and grieve, and to support to our vulnerable

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My writing space

I write inside a small room off our living room. With the door open I have daylight. In an empty house, I have peace. I have two monitors, a windows PC running Scrivener.  Lots of books (not shown in the picture)

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4 ways to write if you can’t sit still (e.g. due anxiety)

This came up recently on Reddit; due mostly to anxiety, a poster could not write without constant pacing. (PSA: Constant pacing is pretty much incompatible with typing a story!) I don’t get anxiety but I am a professional author, so

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Big Magic Creativity Beyond Fear when you’re a professional with responsibilities

So I just reviewed Elizabeth “Eat Love Pray” Gilbert’s Big Magic for Black Gate. It’s a good entertaining book, and it has a wise message: Give yourself permission to enjoy your creativity for its own sake; don’t burden it with

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How do I manage my writing time?

Writers must multi-task. Professionally, it’s a must — we’re editing one manuscript while drafting another, all the while keeping up with blogging and admin. Artistically, it’s also a must. Too long just editing and we grow stale and twitchy. Too long

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Some responses to a reddit thread on Swords Versus Tanks

This is a response to this thread.  It turned out to be rather long, so I thought I would crosspost it here! If you are commenting in the next day or so, please do so on at Reddit if possible.  

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Swords Versus Tanks — what “10 years in the making” means

I wrote the first lines of Swords Versus Tanks in 2003, just before Kurtzhau was born. He’s now 11 going on 12. So it seems I’m either Tolkien — a genius slaving away over his magnum opus — or actually a complete loser. The

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Aliens and Snipers in the Belfry

(This is me thinking aloud, rather than offering cast-iron literary theory) I am a proponent of the Snipers in the Belfries Rule; if you want readers to notice your belfries, put snipers in them because nothing is real to the

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The Sky Tomb of the Earth Kings – a story in Heroika Dragon Eaters

“Zombie dragons, vampire dwarves, elves, animated skeletons, a flying city,  a steampunk zeppelin, a bounty hunter…” Kurtzhau (now aged 11) had asked me what I put into my story for Janet Morris’s Dragon Eaters anthology, and now he’s listening with

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