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How to simplify a conflict diagram to make it more powerful

The thing about Conflict Diagrams is that you can do them in more than one way. Here’s a first stab at an “odd couple” romance: Lots of Bones of Contention — the jagged boxes. However, it’s hard to see the potential

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Writing, illness and outlining

“It creeps up on you,” says my writer friend. “Yes!” I swig from my third coffee. It’s the only way I can stay alert. “Like a live lobster being cooked… gosh can I smell seafood?” We’re talking about the experience

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Using Scapple to plan a dungeon (or a mystery)

I’m experimenting with ways to use diagrams as a creativity tool when planning a Mystery. My tool of choice is Scapple (from the same people who brought us Scrivener). This is really simple but intuitively usable diagramming software. It’s very much a creativity

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Conflict Diagram for Die Hard

A reader said it would be useful if I did some diagrams of movies, so here’s a conflict diagram of the classic 1988 Die Hard. (You can read a full synopsis here.) I’ve used green to show McClane’s team, red to

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WIP: Assault on the Sky Tomb of the Earth Kin

What with Kurtzhau underfoot with Miskatonic Adonisitis or something like that, I’ve had to pause my novels and focus on something shorter, in this case a short story I’ve had on my to-do list for  a while. As always I

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And so it — drafting — begins

I have the opening to Barbarian in the City outlined: The cast list has also grown: OLD DOCK GANG Madok – Leader. DINDRAYN – Girl Thief. Blonde. RM calls her “little sister” and treats her as a Sword Triber. Catigern

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Barbarian in the City

While I’m waiting for the next contract — and in between catching up on admin — I’ve started writing Barbarian in the City, the example novel I outlined in Storyteller Tales. Here’s what the outline looks like in Scrivener: If

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Beowulf Pitfight! Michael Morpurgo Versus Rosemary Sutcliff

Some of my teacher friends get cross with me when I use the term “Cattle Poo Chronicles” to refer to the books Kurtzhau regularly has to endure from school. My complaint is not that these books don’t pass his blood-and-thunder

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FAQ: How I do Conflict Diagrams for Impending Doom stories?

I had a nice email from reader HM (who gave me permission to use this here): I’ve read Storyteller’s Tools a couple of times now and have had several epiphanies about how stories work and are constructed. Thanks for those!

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10-year-old-gamer uses my Conflict Diagrams

DeeM is using our kitchen table to prep an adventure while Kurtzhau finishes off some homework. (He started GMing Maelstrom Doomsday after his excellent experience at Conpulsion, but has being the running red box D&D for nearly a year now.) As I

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