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How to Fix Your Novel (If It’s Too Short, Slow-Paced, or Tells Not Shows)

So you’ve completed your novel. It’s a story with a beginning, middle and satisfying end. You’ve polished the prose until it shines. However, it’s too short, or too slow-paced, or it tells rather than shows. Argh. Actually, don’t worry. This is

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Conflict Diagram for Die Hard

A reader said it would be useful if I did some diagrams of movies, so here’s a conflict diagram of the classic 1988 Die Hard. (You can read a full synopsis here.) I’ve used green to show McClane’s team, red to

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FAQ: How I do Conflict Diagrams for Impending Doom stories?

I had a nice email from reader HM (who gave me permission to use this here): I’ve read Storyteller’s Tools a couple of times now and have had several epiphanies about how stories work and are constructed. Thanks for those!

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Can’t believe I just wrote that…

Actually I can. I’ve done this before, three times last year, though not in so few hours. In a nutshell I sat down this morning at 0930 and started staring at my History notes, checking odd bits of biography online

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Project C Day 4 and 5

Two weeks ago, the final part of Project B landed on me like a Jabba the Hutt’s tail, and I found myself thrashing around to avoid the pit of doom while making edits.  The end result was a hell of

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Project C Day 2 & 3 – Process vs Writing Life!

Did I mention our cellar flooded? A tonne of water sloshing around a century of dust – a Lovecraftian blend of ancient skin cells, dead mice and coal ash. I’ve got two blowers forcing air into the space beneath the

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Project C Day 1: Outlining and the Need for Speed

Rachel Aaron writes 10K words a day. SL Veihl – who I have come to think of as Scary Word Count Lady – once told me: By good words, I’m assuming you mean words I’m not going to delete or

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