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That stupid De Niro quote on writers

The stupid De Niro quote about writers is doing the rounds of Facebook:   This kind of thing makes me cross. Some of the greatest writers in my pond seem utterly angst free. For example, the serene Terry Pratchett and Stephen

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Ran into Adrian Tchaikovsky at Conpulsion

I spent past weekend at the Conpulsion 2014 gaming convention, where I ran into Adrian Tchaikovsky, the terrifyingly prolific Epic Fantasy writer now on the David Gemmell Legend award shortlist. Since we’re both exponents of German Longsword, he came down to watch

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The Birthday Card

“Give me my pens please Daddy,” says my daughter. “You’re Not Allowed to look IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY CARD AND it’s a SURPRISE!.” We’re at music school in the cafe, and Morgenstern – age 6 – is making me a birthday

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Truth (fiction is for Monday)

This weekend I took the kids to music school and, using only a Lego samurai sword, picked the lock of a friend’s briefcase. I drove Kurtzhau over to see his friend, hung out with experimental archaeologists, admired a home-made romanesque

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Second Scholar Knight book out, and with a fantastic cover!

Here it is! In the last book, Jack faced tournaments and small unit actions. How will he do in a set piece battle? And what is  the truth about the hot but mysterious Theodora? The cover is something special done

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4 ways to get around “resistance” (this is not the writing advice you were looking for…)

I’ve finally read Steve Pressfield’s The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles. It’s all about beating the dreaded “resistance”, watching yourself like a hawk, spurning displacement activities, and getting your writing done. The book

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6 ways to prepare for being a writer (this is not the writing advice you were looking for…)

I’ve just got back from World Fantasy Con 2013, which at times felt like that sequence from Moulin Rouge where everybody is stoned on absinthe; not because of the vast amount of alcohol consumed so much as because of the

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Project C Day 2 & 3 – Process vs Writing Life!

Did I mention our cellar flooded? A tonne of water sloshing around a century of dust – a Lovecraftian blend of ancient skin cells, dead mice and coal ash. I’ve got two blowers forcing air into the space beneath the

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