Just in case you were confused by artistic conventions, the covers of my SWORDS VERSUS TANKS series depict the Actual Story Content! They are NOT montages.

Here’s the first book: Armoured heroes clash across the centuries!

SVT 256

Sir Ranulph really does take on the WWI-style mega-tank!

Sir Ranulph Dacre (left), armed with his trusty runic sword Steelcutter (shown) really does face off against a WWI-style mega-tank (right), commanded by former bohemian Colonel Jasmine Klimt, who has spent youth fantasising about her historical hero. Complex love triangle ensues…

Next book: Vikings battle Zeppelins while forbidden desires spark!


The Vikings really do leap onto the back of the Zeppelin!

OK it is a montage, but not all of it. The fire in the background is the burning castle. The sorceress (red-haired woman in green dress (and third member of the love triangle)) Lady Maud is actually standing on the battlements controlling an air elemental. However, the Vikings led by Sir Ranulph (top right) really are leaping off the battlements onto the back of a Zeppelin. There’s also a fireside love scene involving an invisible Lady Maud and a somewhat confused Colonel Jasmine Klimt, who has a thing for Real Princess. (Sir Ranulph is confused.)

Third book: Pyramid of Blood:


The Vikings really to make a last stand on an Aztec-style pyramid!

There really is a Viking shield wall making  a last stand on top of an Aztec-style pyramid. No artistic license here! Oh and Colonel Jasmine Klimt finally beds her hero, only to then tangle with a Tolmec priestess in a bizarre act of sex magic.

Penultimate book: Warlords race for power while the final battle looms!


There really is a motorbike chase involving a Medieval swordsman and his Modern lover!

I hope you’re getting the idea! This one really does have a bike chase involving swords — gay biker rescues lover, bad guys pursue. A Zeppelin also rains bombs on them. Sir Ranulph kills some people.

Finally, the finale! Champions Battle for the Fate of the Future!


Flying dragon ship. Burning castle. Sky full of tracer bullets. Ragnarok-grade battle and Vikings with Tommy guns not depicted.

This is almost too bonkers to describe. But the scene is in. A flying dragon ship really does escape through a tracer-laced sky. There’s also a massive… MASSIVE battle between knights and tanks, and a warband of Vikings rampages around with Tommy guns. There might possibly also be some sex.

Swords Versus Tanks: Does what it says on the tin.

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