Creatives! Grieve. Give support. Then get back to work. This shoe will be a long time falling.

114We’re waiting for the other shoe to drop. For those of us who remotely identify with the left, tracking its trajectory is agony.

Some of us need to take time out to process and grieve, and to support to our vulnerable friends. However, when the dust settles that shoe will still be falling.

This isn’t a sim. Real world turns take months and years to play out. That shoe will be a long time falling. We must not let it clog our brains and fritter away the precious unstructured time that lets us create.

We should remember that, though creating is a passion, it is also a job. We have every right to protect our work and confine our activism to our spare time. (And if we do our creative work in our spare time, we should treat it as a second job and also protect that.)

Now, more than ever, we cannot afford to be diverted from productivity.

Like everybody else, we must build professional momentum and financial reserves against looming hard times. No further justification is needed. No cause owns our output.

However, in  a small way, we can help people through what’s to come. Fighting the good fight is not pain free. The escapism we purvey is easily applied first aid for the soul. It can also be inspiring.

So, please get back to work as soon as you can!


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2 comments on “Creatives! Grieve. Give support. Then get back to work. This shoe will be a long time falling.
  1. Richard Tongue says:

    No truer words spoken. I’m only 4k from finishing my current MS, and I know I’m having a struggle today. Didn’t manage to write a word yesterday. If nothing else – we’re in the business of providing an escape, a release from daily life. Nothing more important right now.

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