Eccentric Writer Hat

“Excuse me – what’s that music?”

I’m in Bruntsfield’s mind-blowing Swedish zombie survival outdoor shop. It’s got axes of all kinds, fire making kit, outdoor gear designed to withstand the great Swedish outdoors. I’m just there to replace my lost “Eccentric Writer Hat” – not my term…

Kurtzhau: The other kids say you have a cowboy hat.

Me: Oh, what did you tell them?

Kurtzhau: I just told them it was your Eccentric Writer Hat.

One of the cool things about this shop is that the guy behind the counter has a suitably outdoorsy taste in music.

“Ale Carr,” the shop guy responds. “I heard him at the Orkney folk festival.” He turns the PC screen and I see he has  a performance running on youtube:

And I have a fleeting yearning for the days when we used to travel and get our boots truly muddy, and before that for boozy youthful evenings ending in the Royal Oak, hammered, hammering out boogie- woogie on a piano that had taken a hammering…

So as I buy the hat, we chat music. I recommend Jonatha Brooke who also makes me think of far off places and parallel lives:

And he in turn recommends Rachel Sermanni. Armed with my replacement hat, I say my goodbyes and go out to face the Autumn drizzle.

An hour later, I’m listening to both his recommendation thanks to Youtube and Spotify. Sometimes  the Internet can fragment society, enabling us to retreat to our boxes. Sometimes, it works the other way, connecting people, broadening our horizons.

Before I left, I recommended Tyr


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3 comments on “Eccentric Writer Hat
  1. pajh says:

    I too need a replacement hat. Hadn’t thought of trying there. They gots one in black?

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