Mass Effect

“Dad – my game keeps crashing.”

And there goes an hour I won’t get back.

Turns out there’s something wrong with Mass Effect 2.  Was it the antivirus software? No. Settings for the graphics? No. In the end I set Steam to run as Admin, and registered the game with EA Games – Heck, must I have a relationship with every company who sells me anything on the Internet? – and voila, it worked.

Not entirely a wasted hour. Kurtzhau kept diving into the cupboard which serves as my study, armoury  and library, and asking what I was doing, pretty much the way I did when Dad fixed my bike, and my Dad would have done when his Dad was doing what they did back in the 1940s.


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  1. Did you get the version of ME2 that comes with all of the extras? If so, then you need to download them from EA, if I remember correctly. Which is, indeed, a major faff.

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