My writing space

I write inside a small room off our living room. With the door open I have daylight. In an empty house, I have peace. I have two monitors, a windows PC running Scrivener.  Lots of books (not shown in the picture) and various sidearms.

My Writing Space


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One comment on “My writing space
  1. Geoff Hart says:

    Reminds me very much of where I started… a tiny (0.5-m-deep) blond-wood-laminate desk crammed between the TV and the bookshelves. I hacked an opening in its the front panel of its main drawer so it could serve as a keyboard drawer. The ergonomics were disastrous. I knew I’d made the big time when I graduated to a big desk crammed into a corner of the bedroom, with only mildly uncomfortable ergonomics.

    Today, I actually have an office with reasonable desk (one of those Ikea corner desks). Progress!

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