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There are two books in the Scholar Knight series, but you’re best buying the double edition.

I write my books for adults, but some of them are also suitable for Young Adults…

Shieldwall: Barbarians!

The Shieldwall series was inspired by playing Rome Total War: Barbarian Invasion. It’s an old-fashioned boy’s adventure, basically “young officer finds his feet” except that the young officer is actually a pagan barbarian prince and it ends in an apocalyptic battle. Black Gate gave it a nice review.

“You can fight, boy. Now you must learn to lead.”

AD 451. The Dark Ages.

Could YOU lead a barbarian warband? Keep them out of trouble? Deal with your murderous rivals? Carve a path to victory, sword-in-hand, wading through the mayhem while the sky fills with Hunnish arrows?

That’s the challenge facing young Prince Hengest.

Saxon slave raiders have taken his sister, so now he must lead his pagan warriors into the middle of Attila the Hun’s apocalyptic invasion of the Roman Empire!

All will be well as long as the shieldwall holds.

An action-packed tale in the tradition of Conan and Young Gladiator, Shieldwall: Barbarians! is most certainly not for the faint hearted.

No basic training. No qualms.

No dragons. No wizards.

Just armies clashing and shields splitting as men of grim purpose decide the fate of the Empire.

Scholar Knight: Double Edition

The two Scholar Knight books were written to tie-in with the Paradox War of the Roses game. I wrote them as YA, though with violence that would not be out of place in a Warhammer 40K book. (NB Berserker King is a bit more Game of Thrones and most certainly not YA).

“The blade sheared through padding, collar bone, ribs, and came out the other side. Head, arm and shoulder thudded to the ground. The remainder of the corpse still stood, sheared torso like a bucket of steaming offal.”

England AD 1454, the chaotic eve of the Wars of the Roses.

Jack Rose would rather be a scholar than a knight. However, when a brutal landowner steals his family estates and plans to evict the tenants, Jack must take up the sword and win back his inheritance by force of arms. As he wades through increasingly lethal encounters, it becomes clear that War is in his blood. Now he must decide who he really is…

This double edition of the Scholar Knight series collects the novels “The Sword is Mightier” and “Blood in the Streets” into a single book. Follow Jack Rose fighting his path from scholar to knight, in the dramatic days of the Wars of the Roses.

Marshal versus the Assassins: A Foreworld SideQuest (The Foreworld Saga)

This really isn’t supposed to be a YA book! The 30-something hero is having  a midlife crisis… while chasing a mystic artefact to the Holy Land, battling Assassins, Crusaders and Saracens, before finally performing a deed-of-arms  worthy of Conan. And yes, it is about THE William Marshal, a real character whose life reads like an adventure story.

Sir William the Marshal, legend in his own time, has promised to go on crusade, a vow made to his Young King as he lay dying. But when the Oliphant, legendary war horn of Roland, is stolen by the lethal Assassins, he’s charged with returning the relic in order to stop the very thing he’d vowed to undertake—a crusade; this one engineered by the thieves.

With his small band of trusted companions—Sir Baldwin, his tourney compatriot; Eustace, his squire; and Henrik, the giant Norseman—William sets out to take back the relic. But treachery abounds, and when William loses two of his companions, he discovers an unlikely ally—Da’ud, an Assassin himself, bent on taking the Oliphant from the heretic faction that has stolen it. The three fight their way across land, sea, and desert, only to find themselves facing an army…and the Oliphant within their grasp.

I Was a Teenage Space Mercenary (Looking for a publisher as you read this)

Teenage Space Merc

(Placeholder cover… the real one would show a teenage boy in battle armour, wielding a laser carbine…)

A book for the Halo generation, inspired by games mastering FATE Diaspora for my son and his friend. Sooner or later it will find a publisher…

When his Uncle Max, a “security contractor”, rescues him from hi-tech slavery, 18-year-old uber-geek Jason’s troubles have only just begun.

Uncle Max drags him off to fulfill a two-man contract to protect an archaeological expedition on a remote jungle moon. Worse, he covers up Jason’s age and lack of experience by introducing him as “a Peter”, a 300-year-old immortal super soldier.

Up until this point, Jason’s life has been mostly online. Now he must deal with the reality of sweaty jungle patrols and lethal combat where you can’t respawn — unlike in the NetShooters, where he once reigned supreme. He must also deal with meeting real girls.

It all turns out to be not like in the sims…

You might just have noticed that these books are all old school yarns with wild adventure and dollops of combat. It’s what I grew up on; “Biggles”, Rosemary Sutcliff and especially Ronald Welch. No surprise then that some of my books have the same feel…


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  1. Geoff Hart says:

    It’s a tough sell writing “interstitial” fiction that is suitable both for adults and pre-adults. The decision that they’re separate categories is a marketing thing, not any strong reflection of the reality of how genre readers read. As a teen, I went straight to adult F/SF as soon as I found it and largely ignored the kid stuff.

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