New blog…

So this is my new blog!

I’m a newly-minted professional writer. I have two novels forthcoming this year. Both are for franchises I can’t yet publicly name… which is a bit frustrating, but there it is.

Will this be like my old livejournal? I don’t know – watch this space.



Writer. Swordsman. CLICK TO SEE MY BOOKS !

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24 comments on “New blog…
  1. I look forward to the blog adventures!

  2. Claire says:

    Nice Page…. there is a strange guy who teaches fencing in Edinburgh. He seems to be very good. I think his name is Martin… do you happen to know him? 😉

  3. Seth Woodworth says:

    Subscribed, but I can’t get in with facebook or google.

  4. Indiana Jim says:

    Omigod! Omigod! I love you! You’re my favorite author!

  5. Hugh Hancock says:

    Testing testing, this is a test.

    Also, congrats on the whole author thing.

  6. Logged in via LJ and testing as requested. Lots of systems to log in as, I see – nice!

  7. Maggie Hunt says:

    looking forward to seeing more….

  8. Testing with the Google login.

  9. And apologies for leaving two comments on the wrong post. Might be worth deleting them!

  10. OpenIDUser says:

    This is a test.

    Logged in with – which is currently delegated to

  11. Cyndi Brown says:

    Bring on the ‘insider news’ 🙂

  12. Kate Langley says:

    Seemed to work for me Mr Page, will you have an outlet in the Western Isles? Baltic Bookshop in Stornoway is our only bookshop!

  13. mharoldpage says:

    Indeed. There’s this thing called a Kindle which will ensure that the Fruits of Art reach even the Barbarian Fringe in the Isles to the West.

  14. Andy Gilmour says:

    Ah, there we are, all logged-in nicely & everything.

    Of course, you realise that in best “dire-fantasy-name-tradition” I’m going to have to call you “M’harold” from now on..?

    (well, at least when I’m out of range, anyway)

  15. VIRGINIA says:

    ok, that’s another one to add to the list!

  16. Tom Simon says:

    Looks good so far. For some reason, though, it won’t let me log in to comment from my WordPress account. No matter what username I give it, it insists (without even asking me for a password) that I ‘do not own that identity’. It’s my damned identity, thank you very much, and this OneAll Social Login dingus has no business telling me otherwise. Methinks you need to have a word with your dingus provider.

  17. Andy Taylor says:

    Yes Harold!, I like the new blog 🙂

  18. Gabriele says:

    I tried to comment via my Blogger ID (since that’s more ‘me’ than my LJ account) but it didn’t work, so I took the classical way of entering name, email and all that. It’s still the most fool-proof. 🙂

  19. I’d never seen an LJ Connect button before, but it worked.

    Nice new space.

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