Storyteller Tools Illustrations

This gallery contains printable illustrations from my Storyteller Tools book. Storyteller Tools Printable Diagrams etc.

If you have any queries, please post them in the comments.


4 comments on “Storyteller Tools Illustrations
  1. terry says:

    i bought your ‘storyteller tools’. real pricey for the size but i’m getting a lot from it.

    i really wish you would break down a movie like ‘die hard’, ‘matrix’, or ‘avatar’. if you did this on your site, it would really bring home to message, and people visiting your site would be encouraged to buy your book to learn more. also, people who bought the book would be more likely to keep in touch with your site.

    movies make a better learning tool: easier to find, quicker to finish.

    love your tools, just needs popular movie examples!!!

  2. allynh says:

    Bought the e-book and read it yesterday. I like the visual aspect of breaking the story out as flow charts.

    A good drawing program that does diagrams is part of LibreOffice. Their _Draw_ duplicates Microsoft Visio. And its free. HA!

    Draw is also great for assembling book covers when you do paper books with Createspace. I use Inkspace and Gimp for creating the art part of the cover, and assemble them in Draw, doing the text parts in Draw for titles and such.

    • mharoldpage says:

      Thanks Al Lyn’h!

      Scapple has the advantage of being very lite and practically made for this task. However I shall explore LibreOffice.

      If you find the book useful, I hope you’ll write it a nice review somewhere…

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