Project C Day 2 & 3 – Process vs Writing Life!

Did I mention our cellar flooded? A tonne of water sloshing around a century of dust – a Lovecraftian blend of ancient skin cells, dead mice and coal ash.

I’ve got two blowers forcing air into the space beneath the floorboards and it’s like being on a jet plane, but with more legroom (and considerably more swords), and rather than air stewardesses, I have burly workmen stomping around the house.

“I need to make expeditions.”

Meanwhile I need to make expeditions: to the station to cash in some vouchers – long story – for a train ticket to Brighton for World Fantasy Con… to the Edinburgh College of Art to see the degree show – an artist called Yishu Wu has some wonderful SF illustrations on display (which I have permission to use her… and – since I work in an empty house (joy unbounded!), I need my social contact.

Usually, “social contact” means monthly coffee with my creative circle. However, this year I am putting effort into keeping up with other friends as well. To this end, Thursday I’m due to have coffee with “The General” – fellow swordsman, helpful beta reader, brainstormer, and uber wargamer –  at Games Hub (which is as awesome as it looks).

Oh, and I need to write up our fencing notes from last year to provide a crib for the Meisterhau, and I need to do some drill but I have tennis elbow, which means specific exercises…

Sure I could skip the expeditions and the fitness and fencing. However, that way lies madness, obesity, and – most of all – running on empty. My muse may have a rocket pack, but it still needs fuel.

Then there’s the pressing non-writing business of writing.

Last night my Foreworld editor sent a Form of Doom from Amazon – describe my book, provide visual references for the cover… Who am I?  What do I do…?

And I’ve been asking friends who have an online presence if they want some guest blogs, or even interviews, because it’s market or die folks!

“It all depends on having the right equipment.”

Somehow, despite all this I manage to get actual writing done.

It all depends on having the right equipment.

It helps to be 45. We middle-aged people have super-powered focus, at least according to Middle Age: A Natural History… (which I shall be reviewing some time.)

However, one of the standard pieces of advice for any project is “Know the next thing you have to do.” Because I have an established though evolving process, I always know the next step.

Yesterday – Day 2 – I worked on a table of QABN arcs: “Can hero …? Yes, but… Now…!” and nailed that, then went back and tweaked the outline.

Today, I multi-tasked between that pesky Amazon form, and the outline and QABNS. Finally I roughed out the chapter level outline in Scrivener. It gets fuzzier after the first 50%, but that’s fine because the story will grow with the telling.. and – UPDATE! – Project C Editor likes what they’ve seen.

So tomorrow, I start drafting. Did I mention I need to complete this by the end of next month…? These are, on the whole, good problems to have.

(Project C Status: Day 3, 20 hrs.
Complete: Pub Outline 2, QABN Table 2, Scrivener Chapter Outline.
Pending: Read up on Late Medieval London)


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3 comments on “Project C Day 2 & 3 – Process vs Writing Life!
  1. What does QABN stand for? It sounds like an awesome acronym.

    • mharoldpage says:

      Question Answer But Now…

      Can Olaf slay Siegfried? Yes, but he is wounded in the leg. Now he must walk 100 miles to safety.

      Can Olaf walk 100 miles to safety? No, but he falls in with a tribe of Space Ninjas. Now he must survive their initiation ritual…

  2. So a list of incidents with a ‘direction of travel’ added.

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