PUBLISHED Swords Versus Tanks Ep.2: Vikings battle Zeppelins while forbidden desires spark!

Episode 2 drops back to give us a lyrical exploration of the world of Westerland  continues the fast-paced genre pit fight!

It sets Vikings against Zeppelins, but also seats Jasmine, Ranulph and Lady Maud around the same table at a feast that might owe a little to the Curtis & Douglas The Vikings, in a setting inspired by holidays on Scotland’s West Coast where Vikings segued into Galloglasses:

Tanks have driven swords from the field… for now.
In the company of a not-entirely-stable sorceress, Sir Ranulph seeks more powerful magic in the Rune Isles.
However, Colonel Jasmine Klimt takes ship on a priest-blessed Zeppelin, part of an expedition to the same destination!
What will happen when they all meet?
And, if it comes to a fight, which will prevail: magic and cold steel, or religion and technology?
Find out in Episode 2 of SWORDS VERSUS TANKS!

So we see more of Lady Maud (a lot more…), get to know Colonel Jasmine Klimt more… erm… intimately. Oh and there are Vikings and a Zeppelin and Magic.

You really have to read it!

Click to download Swords Versus Tanks Ep.2: “Vikings battle Zeppelins while forbidden desires spark!” and start reading right away!


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