Ran into Adrian Tchaikovsky at Conpulsion

I spent past weekend at the Conpulsion 2014 gaming convention, where I ran into Adrian Tchaikovsky, the terrifyingly prolific Epic Fantasy writer now on the David Gemmell Legend award shortlist.

Since we’re both exponents of German Longsword, he came down to watch the DDS demonstration of longsword, sword and buckler and sabre. We had one of those conversations that segues between writing life — he’s a lawyer and dad, but still manages half a million good words a year! — and swordplay. It was only later that we realised we’d not got around to getting a photo of us with swords. Fortunately there was a very good LARP stall:

Adrian T and me


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2 comments on “Ran into Adrian Tchaikovsky at Conpulsion
  1. Brian Turner says:

    Looks like Adrian tried to ambush you. 🙂

  2. mharoldpage says:

    LOL. I think we were doing the “Krumphau versus Guard of Ochs” play.

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