Second Scholar Knight book out, and with a fantastic cover!

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Here it is!

In the last book, Jack faced tournaments and small unit actions. How will he do in a set piece battle? And what is  the truth about the hot but mysterious Theodora?

The cover is something special done by Matthew Ryan, super-illustrator, who I discovered via the Modern Medievalist.

Most of the time, authors just get the crappy cover they’re given and thank the Gods it’s not a hairy guy in a chain mail thong.

In this case, Matthew is an expert in Medieval English armor and equipment and we had a long chat by email about what the armor the characters wore, sending each other links and discussing the evidence for this illusive transitional era.

It went both ways as well; as soon as I saw the final version, I went back through the text and gave Master Piers a barbut, and had Jack throw a Murder Stroke:


(Matthew Ryan is an amazing illustrator.)

Piers is on the right, tired and in trouble. Jack–in the old fashioned armor–is wading in, using his sword as a hammer:

Murder Strike

The Murder Strike… standard technique in armored combat.

That’s three novellas in  a year, and an amazing cover to finish on. I am a happy man. Now back to work…


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