Swords versus Tanks – cover is progressing


…she doesn’t normally do, “Tanks blowing shit up while knights hack away at them with magic swords.”

My first artist is snowed under, so I dragooned a former Bruntsfield Mum into doing me a stand in cover.

Here — left — is a sketch with some text dropped in to see if it vaguely works.

Being a Bruntsfield Mum, she is of course both an established academic and a talented  designer.

You can see some of her work on her blog — no, she doesn’t normally do, “Tanks blowing shit up while knights hack away at them with magic swords.”

However, judging from the sketches landing in my in-box, I think we’ll do fine.


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2 comments on “Swords versus Tanks – cover is progressing
  1. Geoff Hart says:

    I think I’d move the cover text up into the top third of the cover; the centered design seems too balanced (thus, too static), and the text covers interesting parts of the illustration. Possibly with the author line shifted to the bottom right, so the eye trails from the title, through the image, and ends at the bottom right.

    Also, you absolutely need to add either (i) a knight’s legs protruding from under the near-side tracks, as seen in the Wizard of Oz just before Dorothy gets her ruby slippers, or (ii) a sword embedded nearly to the hilt, at the far end of a long slash through the hull, ending right next to the near-side turret, as seen in any remake ever of “the sword of the stone”. *G*

    Joking aside, looks like a promising start for a cover, but it does need some evidence of swordplay. Combining these two notions might work: some poor peasant draftee protruding from under the treads, and the sword protruding from a long gash in the hull, with a large pool of hydraulic fluid under the gaping rent created by the sword. A little smoke trailing from a gun barrel completes the dragon metaphor.

  2. mharoldpage says:

    Artist is working on the knight even as we speak!

    Final cover will be designed by the artist, rather than me just dumping the image into Canva.com 🙂

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