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Kurtzhau and the Fallen Viking

An LJ entry from 2007, back when Kurtzhau was nearly 4. Reposted because a fellow atheist dad was asking about how to discuss death with children. “Daddy?” says Kurtzhau, sitting up in bed. “Perhaps he lay down by behind the

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Anthem for a new generation…

Kurtzhau (11) and Morgenstern (7) are having a kind of singing battle in the hall as we get ready for music school. Morgenstern is lalala-ing the theme to her favorite RPG. Kurtzhau, meanwhile, is belting out… “Hang on,” I say, that’s

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Kurtzhau on the 100 Days

“Wait a minute Dad – Did they send a FRENCH regiment to arrest Napoleon?” asks Kurtzhau. My 11-year-old and I are watching a documentary on Wellington. “Yes,” I say. “Facepalm,” says Kurtzhau, and puts his palm to his face.

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Decluttering the trash

I have a decluttering hangover. No, not rhyming slang – cleaning out our Cupboard of Lost Years allowed the Dust of Decades to burrow into my brain and set off an almighty headache. Also there’s a spiritual aftershock from spending

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Morgenstern the Valkyrie

“Rah rah Rasputin!” cries Morgenstern, age 6, a dream of pink in her bunny pajamas. “Viking Metal!” So on goes the Turisas cover of the Boney M classic. Morgenstern boogies and ballet steps around me in the kind of odd

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