The Birthday Card

“Give me my pens please Daddy,” says my daughter. “You’re Not Allowed to look IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY CARD AND it’s a SURPRISE!.”

We’re at music school in the cafe, and Morgenstern – age 6 – is making me a birthday card.

The next morning is my “official birthday” and I finally get to see the card. “You’ll love this, Daddy,” says Morgenstern as she hands it too me. “Knights Jousting!”

Knights Jousting

Knights Jousting my “Morgenstern” aged 6

She can hardly wait for me to open it. She stabs at the right hand panel and says gleefully, “Look Daddy. Grass and blood. Because They Are Going to Fight.”

(The left panel represents "grass and blood" in the aftermath.)

<<The left panel represents “grass and blood” in the aftermath.

Then we have a lovely leisurely Sunday. Kurtzhau and I build an A7V WWI German tank. In the later afternoon we walk over to the museum and meet up with Gamer Dad’s family to see the mammoth exhibition. I take a detour with the boys to show them the Sword of Battle Abbey and point out the blade damage.


A Visit to the Abbey

I fence with a replica of this sword, used to sketch it as a kid. Once, I got to handle it…

As a finale, we all go for dinner at Chop Chop and the kids stuff themselves with dumplings, snippets of surreal conversation drifting over to the adult end of the table; Kurtzhau and Polyhedrus are talking firearms and end of level bosses, Morgenstern and Polyhedra are lost in Girl World, which seems to include killing witches and exploding dragons.

Meanwhile, both couples had had “child enhanced” Saturday nights, so we chill out over good Chinese food. There will be other times for animated conversation. This evening we just enjoy a comradely chitchat revolving around the kids and the food.

Then comes the walk back through twilight Edinburgh, the kids running ahead, but not too far, Kurtzhau complaining loudly that he had eaten so many dumplings he could not really run.  It’s the kind of evening they will remember when they are my age and I am in my 80s and a grandfather.

I bet, tucked away in a filing cabinet, I will still have that card.


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2 comments on “The Birthday Card
  1. She is such a pumpkin. So cute! And a budding artist for sure!
    I’m glad you had what sounded like a lovely birthday with your family. 🙂

  2. Geoff Hart says:

    Lovely! I’m also killing myself laughing about what her boyfriends are in for in a few years. “Tomboy” doesn’t quite cover it. *Evil G*.

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