The Sky Tomb of the Earth Kings – a story in Heroika Dragon Eaters

Dragon Eaters“Zombie dragons, vampire dwarves, elves, animated skeletons, a flying city,  a steampunk zeppelin, a bounty hunter…”

Kurtzhau (now aged 11) had asked me what I put into my story for Janet Morris’s Dragon Eaters anthology, and now he’s listening with a twinkle in his eyes.

In truth, it was my first paid for Fantasy story. Despite my own genre roots, my entire professional CV marks me as a Historical novelist. For this reason, I threw everything I had at this little story. Fortunately, with the help of Janet who is an awesome editor, the thing worked, and better yet I think I learned how to do it again.

Perhaps it was what a mate calls “stunt writing”. However, I was also marking my territory to prove to myself I could write this stuff. Except…

I clap my hand to my forehead. “Damn. I forgot to put in werewolves!”

“Oh Dad,” says Kurtzhau. “Don’t you think you put in enough tropes?”

“Oh Kurtzhau,” I shoot back. “Doesn’t it concern you that at eleven you can say that sentence and know what it means?”

He just looks at me.


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3 comments on “The Sky Tomb of the Earth Kings – a story in Heroika Dragon Eaters
  1. Janet Morris says:

    I agree with Kurtzhau. I wouldn’t have let you put in werewolves: this story is stuffed to the brim already.

  2. mharoldpage says:

    Ha! Had I DECIDED to put in werewolves, they would have been so compelling, so integral to the story that you would also have not noticed the grey aliens.

  3. Geoff Hart says:

    rotflastc (… and scaring the cat)

    Dude, you’re so raising that kid right! (And congrats on the short story sale… just sold one to an anthology, but can’t brag on it until the official TOC is published.)

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