Tonight it flowed!

Just Dave the Unspellable and myself for Study Group tonight.

In the last month, thanks to the Big German, we tweaked three of our Meisterhaus — the Master Strikes — so that they actually work without opening you up to get whacked.

Suddenly the blades interact in ways that take us to all the techniques we’ve drilled over the years but not really used and, in our heads at least, Dave and I are fighting like a pair of 15th century Germans (but with darker hair).

This is why I train.


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3 comments on “Tonight it flowed!
  1. Geoff Hart says:


    It’s been years since I’ve done martial arts, but I still remember the time I mastered a particular throw at the muscle-memory level. I was paired with a huge football player, who eyed my scrawny 180 pounds with pure contempt. We bowed, he initiated his part of the kata, and the next thing I knew, he was lying on his back, eyes wide, and I was back on guard without quite realizing how it had happened. He left the class and never returned. Oops! *G*

    So is Dave unspellable because he spells his name in Gaelic or Welsh, or because he has a +20 saving throw against magic? *G*

  2. Both! My name is Irish originally. I also am unaffected by non-epic level spells.

    It’s nice to have moves that actually work.

    • mharoldpage says:

      I tend to obfuscate names on my blog on the grounds that though I don’t give a ####, other people might want to present a bland persona to google. However I shall make a special effort to spell your name correctly from now on…

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