Warhammer 40K as a tool for literary criticism

“The English teacher said she liked your analysis of The Pearl,” I say.

We just back from our first parent-teacher thing at Kurtzhau’s high school. They’ve been reading John ‘Tell-me-About-The-Rabbits-BLAM’ Steinbeck.

“Yes,” says Kurtzhau, eyes twinkling. “It’s because I used the Horus Heresy.”

“WTF?” I blink. “I mean, um… how?”

“Well,” says Kurtzhau. “I thought that the pearl is like the Chaos Gods. It seems to make you more powerful, but really it corrupts everything, then everybody gets killed, so its a Tragedy.”

I laugh. “You actually used Warhammer as a tool for literary criticism – Oh God I hope you didn’t actually mention 40K?”

Kurtzhau laughs. “Of course not!”

“On the other hand, you really should tell your Religious Education teacher that you think that the Lore of the 40K universe is both true and preordained…”

“Do you have the next Bujold book,” asks Kurtzhau, firmly changing the subject. 


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