We need a Jim Baen Memorial “Blowing Shit Up In Space” Award…

With regard to the current unpleasantness around awards, it sometimes seems that people are at crossed purposes. Are the Hugos for “great read”, “great literature” or “great innovation”, two of these, or all of these?

Leaving aside that these definitions are themselves both subjective and reader-specific, it occurs to me that the world would be a better place if we could have two new SF&F awards given out at a prominent convention:

  • The Jim Baen Memorial “Blowing Shit Up In Space” Novel Award. This could be a retro laser gun.
  • The Lin Carter Memorial “It’s only Sword and Sorcery But I Liiiike It” Novel Award. A horned helmet, natch.

I myself would certainly aspire to both.


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2 comments on “We need a Jim Baen Memorial “Blowing Shit Up In Space” Award…
  1. Keith West says:

    I would definitely read works nominated for these awards.

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